• 920022419, 0598008988
  • TASAHEAL ALRAHA RECRUITMENT OFFICE - تساهيـل الراحة للاسـتـقدام, 7958 King Abdullah Branch Road‎ - Mahzur Dist., Unit No 1 Al Madinah Al Munawwarah 42319 - 5108 Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, AL MADINAH AL MUNAWWARAH, AL MADINAH AL MUNAWWARA, 42319, Saudi Arabia
  • TASAHEAL.REC@hotmail.com

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About Us

We created this firm 10 years ago because we loved numbers and strategies, so business consulting was the perfect solution for us. Since then, we’ve managed to expand the range of services we are offering to our clients and our results helped us in growing our client base. Our main interest is to help our clients achieve their objectives in a creative, ethical and cost-effective manner. Our team will surely find a perfect solution for your company: when it comes to strategies, we are truly the best in the field.